The purpose of the Transition Age Youth Adventure Sports program is to provide Garrett County youth with meaningful experiences in self discovery and growth using adventure sport activities to foster cooperation, respect, trust, honesty, and compassion. This occurs in an atmosphere of positive decision making, improved communication skills, and with the encouragement of critical thinking and problem solving.

The TAY Team

The TAY Team is comprised of students from Garrett County's Northern and Southern middle and high schools and professional staff and students from the Adventuresports Institute® at Garrett College.

one parent's comment. . .

"I'm not sure who's responsible for the program, but I'd like to say thanks because its been the best thing in the world for my boy. I expect him to be the first in our family to graduate from high school. And it's because of this program."

Qualified professional staff of the Adventuresports Institute® plan and deliver the adventure activities, placing a top priority on safety. TAY participants are instructed in the proper use of equipment and proper techniques associated with all
adventure sport activities.

Program Funding

There are no program costs to TAY participants. A grant from the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, administered locally by Garrett County Core Service Agency, and coordinated by the Garrett County Board of Education and the Adventuresports Institute® at Garrett College, provides for staff, transportation, meals, supplies and equipments for all program activities.

For Information:

To find out more about TAY activities and student eligibility please contact the TAY Program Coordinator at the Adventuresports Institute (301) 387-3330.


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